Newsletter no. 127


Technologies are classified under the law into technologies encouraged for transfer, technologies subject to transfer restrictions, and technologies prohibited from transfer. With respect to technologies subject to transfer restrictions, an approval from a competent State agency must be obtained before entering into a TTC, and then the TTC must be approved after execution.


Newsletter no. 126


Preferential treatments in international bidding which are specified in this Decree applies to (i) an enterprise established and operated under the Law on Enterprises and the Law on Investment, (ii) bidder partnerships in which an enterprises established and operated under the Law on Enterprises and the Law on Investment will carry out at least 51% of the bid package in case of bidding for consultancy services or construction and installation or EPC contracts, or (iii) bidder offers a ratio of domestic manufacturing cost of at least 30% with respect to good procurement bidding.


Newsletter no. 125


The name of an enterprise must be written in Vietnamese, may comprise numeric and symbols, and must be pronounceable and have at least two components (i) type of business and (ii) specific name. However, foreign invested enterprises are entitled to use their registered name in foreign language as specific name of the enterprise.


Newsletter no. 124


Securities companies are allowed to guarantee the issuance of securities. Commercial banks are entitled to guarantee the issuance of bonds after obtaining an approval from the State Securities Commission.


Newsletter no. 123


Mortgages of (i) land use rights; (ii) assets attached to land; (iii) future assets attached to land; (iv) land use rights and assets attached to land; (v) land use rights and future assets attached to land; (vi) amendment, correction or de-registration and (vii) enforcement notice to dispose of the mortgaged assets will be registered at the Land Use Rights Registration Office.


Newsletter no. 122


A franchising contract must be made in Vietnamese. In case of franchising from Vietnam to foreign countries, foreign language may be used.


Newsletter no. 121


Apart from foreign bank branches, joint venture banks and representative offices, foreign banks are now permitted to operate in Vietnam under the form of 100% foreign-owned banks.


Newsletter no. 120


Used automobiles will be imported provided that those automobiles have been in use for no more than 5 years from the year of production to the year of importation.


Newsletter no. 119


Environment tax will be imposed. Furthermore, organisations and individuals who dispose of wastes to environment or have activities causing adverse impact on environment must pay environmental protection fees. All kinds of environmental protection fees will be issued by the Government.