Newsletter no. 111


Investment projects in industrial zones, export processing zones will be enjoyed preferential corporate income tax rates of 20%, 15% and 10%. Specifically, the rate of 20% shall be applied to newly-established service establishments located in industrial zones. The rate of 15% shall be applied to newly-established service establishments in export processing zones or newly-established production establishments in industrial zones.


Newsletter no. 110


Foreign contractors may operate in Vietnam in the capacity of main contractors, general contractors, joint-operation contractors or sub-contractors. However, foreign contractors are only allowed to operate in Vietnam after obtaining a contractor permit from the Ministry of Construction or the provincial Department of Construction.


Newsletter no. 109


Local and foreign investors who have investment projects in high-tech zones will enjoy incentive policies on tax, land use, credit and guarantee, immigration, prices and other preferences in accordance with law.


Newsletter no. 108


Investment projects in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone shall be exempt from corporate income tax for 4 years after the first year of profit and a 50% reduction of the payable tax amount for 9 subsequent years. The corporate tax rate of 10% shall be applied in 15 years from the start up of business.


Newsletter no. 107


Foreign contractors must be legally incorporated in their home countries. Moreover, foreign contractors must be independent accounting units. Representatives of foreign contractors must not have relatives who are spouses, parents, children, brothers, and siblings of bidding inviters, experts, consultants who assess the bidding applications or review bidding results.


Newsletter no. 106


The New Land Law allows Provincial People’s Committees to lease, allocate and recover land which was previously under the authority of the Primer Minister. It should be noted that the State will recover land if the user of the land is delayed for 24 months behind the investment project schedule without the competent State authority’s approval.